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Are wide set eyes ugly ?

Do your guys think people with wide set eyes are ugly?
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  • ejg29


    Different people have different standards of beauty, so it's hard to judge anyone's appearance. For me, I think the people with wide set eyes are normal. However, if their eyes are small and wide set, that would be a lit bit strange. Fortunately, their are a lot of methods to make it narrower. For example,using eyeliner to extent the eyes is the easiest methods. By the way, hair style would also be helpful, but things would be different in different conditions. So ask the barber for help.
  • maria calderin


    Yes, I think the wide set eyes ugly which will affect the beauty. However, you could make it look better through the surgery or other aspects. You could also adopt some oil essentials to make the skin around the eyes smooth. In addition, you could also use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. You should do something to improve the wide set eyes.
  • leigh sehr


    Ok, it seems that you are concerned about the shape of your eyes and their positions. Anyway, it is true that some people do not like those wide set eyes, because they might seem to be weird. But that depends, because you could also try to beautify yourself in other respects, such as your figure, your hair, what you wear, or you manner. Anyway, confidence is the best part of your appearance, for those eyes cannot be changed, Just be optimistic and happy.

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