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Can stroke cause eye swelling ?

Is it possible to cause swelling eyes due to stroke? Why?
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  • Ali


    Well, yes, stroke can cause eye swelling. And first, you should know that stroke can lead to many problems, such as eye floaters, even swelling eyes. So you need to pay more attention to it. And when you suffer it, you can try some strawberry jam. And in some researches, strawberry puree mixed with sterile water may also be used as a monthly enema. In that way, it can help with fluid retention as well as increasing colon health. And then your eye swelling can disappear. By the way, cold compresses can be effective too. So just have a try. By the way, you need to be careful about the irritants, or it can just make your eye infected easily.
  • Adam peters


    I just can say that swollen eye is not the common symptom of a stroke. A stroke is classified as cerebral arterial thrombosis and hemorrhagic apoplexy. As to cerebral arterial thrombosis, it is caused by defficient blood supply to the brain. Oxygen exists in blood. It travels to every part of human body with blood. If blood supply to brain is not enough, brain would be oxygen-deficient. As to hemorrhagic apoplexy, it is caused by bleeding in brain. Both can cause a stroke. Common symptoms of a stroke are impairment of talking, walking and vision abilities. Serious case of a stroke could be mortal. Stroke is acute, and it is one of the top three disease which might threaten the life. The other two are cancer and coronary heart disease. Swollen eyes are probably caused by poor sleeping, aging, eye infection, allergy and some possible disease and so on. The fluid collects under skin which caused puffiness. It is not serious if it is not caused by some disease such as kidney problems.
  • Matthew harris


    Yes, stroke can cause eye swelling. Poor circulation in the blood vessels which supply the front portion of the optic nerve is the main reason why eye stroke happens. Swelling will make more blood flow, therefore it is a true blockage of a blood vessel. An eye stroke is a dangerous condition and it can lead to sudden loss of vision. So if you sudden lose vision or find other symptoms of eye stroke, you should contact your doctor immediately. Eye stroke can be treated by Plavix, Aggrenox, Coumadin, Aspirin, Warfarin Sodium, Clopidoarel.