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Can old contacts cause pink eye?

Is it OK if i wear my old contact lenses? I just broke my eyeglasses. I need vision aids. But my mother said that old contact lenses can cause pink eyes. Is that true?
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  • Kimberly Y


    Well, yes, it is possible to have pink eyes if you wear old contact lenses. As we know that old contact lenses can contain many virus and bacteria. If you wear them again without clean, it is easy to make your eyes infected. And you should know that pink eye can be caused by eye infection. So it is possible to have pink eyes because of the old contact lenses. So you should not wear the old contact lenses.
  • campbell


    Yes it is true! The old contact lenses have the virus and bacterial over the limitation of the level that your eyes would stand if it past the using periods expiration. In other hand, the old contact lenses which have already over the quality guarantee period are really worn out, it would abrade your cornea when you wear it again. Finally, the inflammation and cornea injury will let your eye become blood congestion; no doubt it will become pink eyes at all! Help yourself to a new pair of glasses or contact lenses immediately!
  • Derek T.


    It is not OK for you to wear the old contact lenses which will be so bad for your eyes. It may cause the pink eyes through the invisible bacterium. You should take care of this and never wear the over expire contact lenses which will cause your eyes to be dry. You'd better not wear the old contact lenses.

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