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Michelle percy


Why does luther brown always wear sunglasses?

I noticed that luther brown often wears sunglasses. Do you know why? Just be cool?
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  • Robert Johnson


    Well, actually, wearing sunglasses can just make him look cool, and attractive. Nowadays, there are many people, especially some famous stars who are wearing sunglasses even in the indoors. First, just like I have said that it will make them say cool, and amazing. And also, by wearing sunglasses, it will protect their eyes from the strong lights even in the room. By the way, if they go outside, sunglasses can just protect their eyes from sunlight and uv rays.
  • Jerry H.


    So, it seems that luther brown attracts you a lot and aroused your interest. Anyway, it is true that black artists, for most of them, would like to wear sunglasses of different types, just to appear more cool and charming, and most of them just have that habit, wherever they go, they would take a pair of sunglasses, just as a companion. And of course many of them are good with sunglasses, which could also make them less easy to be recognized in public.
  • Caleb


    Luther Brown is a celebrity, and a black. If you observe black people more carefully, you can find out that their eyes are quite different from the other races. Pop singer like Ce Lo Green, likes wear sunglasses very much. Because they need to cover their different eyes and keep cool. Whether they wear sunglasses or not, when still love them, because they are famous for their talents. For Luther Brown, his dance is awesome. However, we have to admit, the sunglasses do make him more special.