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Bob Witek


Are daily contacts better for dry eyes?

I often wear contact lenses. but in recent days, my eyes feel dry. One of my friends suggest me to buy daily contact lenses. So i wonder if daily contact lenses are better for dry eyes. Shall i get daily contact lenses right now?
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  • giles


    Yes, daily contacts are better for dry eyes. Daily disposable lenses are a good choice for you because you can wear for 1-2 weeks or a month and you can feel silky, smooth and comfortable. Moreover, there are other solutions to increase your wearing comfort and decrease dryness. Water content of contact lenses and silicone hydrogel contact lenses are relatively contact lens for dry eyes too. Eye drops can relieve eye dryness.
  • hand_in__hand


    Well, I have to tell you that there is no evidence that daily contact lenses can be better to dry eyes. On the contrary, you should know that contact lenses can just make your dry eyes more serious. So in my opinion, you'd better not wear contact lenses until your dry eyes have recovered. Dry eyes can typically cause by some factors, such as eye infection, irritants, even contact lenses, so just be aware of this issue. And when you have suffered dry eyes, just take off your contact lenses and wear glasses for some days. Also, you can just have some eye drops to relieve it.
  • Gabriel peters


    Ok, from what you said I can see that your eyes have got some problems, which make you feel quite uncomfortable sometimes. Anyway, it is true that daily contact lenses have got high percentage of water, which could relieve your dry eyes. However, since you might have got dry eyes, it would not be wise for you to wear contact lenses. Just try not to wear them before you get recovered. Try to get more vegetables and fruits, and vitamin pills such as B series.