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How to make your eyes completely white?

I want to make a special look for a cosplay. Can you tell me how to make my eyes completely white?
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  • Gabriel leonard


    The answer of the question is so simple, there has some colorful contact lenses would help you out of the question. For the cosplay even play a role in a movie of some actor, they have some contacts especially for the make up. I remember some people use the completely white contacts to make up him to be a vampire. It looks like very wield and horrible. The effect of dramatics will be pretty good! There have many colors for you to choose; white is only the one among them. Enjoy your time!
  • Katelyn


    In my opinion,there are many ways for you to choose to make your eyes completely white.I hope they can take effect.Firstly,a very effective way to achieve completely white eyes is to use drops containing a vascular constrictor,because it constricts all of the blood vessels in your eyes making them instantly sparkling white.This way is really fit for cosplay. Secondly,making up is another way to help you to realize your purpose. Namely, using white eyeliner,it will make the eye much whiter.Thirdly,it can reach your purpose without anything.As known to us,our eyes are made up black eyeball and some white crystals.So you just turn your white crystals up.Then your eyes are completely white.I am fond of this way as it needs nothing .Of course,there will be other ways to make eyes white.I hope what i have said can help you a lot.Thank you!
  • David Safir


    OK, it seems that you are just going to take part in a party or something and would like to make your eyes look weird. As a matter of fact, there are indeed some places that sell what you want, which could make your eyes white. They are called crazy contact lenses, which could give you lots of options and effects. You could get a lot of them at Alibaba, where there are hundreds of options, and their prices are just reasonable. Hope you find what you look for.