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Caroline bell


How to get rid of asian eyes?

My eyes is black like most of Asian eyes. Is there any way to get rid of such eyes. I prefer blue eyes.
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  • Edward White


    In order to get rid of the asian eyes, you could wear the colored contact lenses. You could just wear the blue contact lenses to make your eyes look blue. Your eyes may look charming and beautiful. There are a lot of contact lenses in the online store with suitable price. You could go there and have a check.
  • Erin


    There seems no way to change the color of eyes. The eye color is determined by pigmentation of iris, which is determined by gene got from parents. The only way so far I know is wearing color contact lenses. It is the easiest way and also the cheapest way. Wearing color contact lenses could enlarge and refresh the look of your eyes. And you can change the color easily according to your different clothing and needs. But the more the color is similar to your eye color, the more natural it looks. If you need to attend any formal situation, it would be more natural to choose black colored contact lenses. Why don't you have a try? There are many on line eye shops, providing various colors and patterns. Order the ones you liked. After you received, you can have a try. If you don't like them, you can just return and get refund. Meanwhile, the price of on-line shops is much cheaper! With some ongoing promotion activity, you can even get them for free. Have a try and you will love it.
  • Alexia gerard


    Ok, it seems that you don't like what you have got. But as a matter of fact, there are simply no natural ways to give you desired effects. However, you could try some circle contact lenses, which could give you whatever color you prefer and they are very popular. But they could also give you negative impacts if you rely too much on them. Just try to wear them if necessary ok? They could be got at Walmart vision center. And I recommend Johnson and Johnson to you, they are quite healthy and reliable.