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Alexa joyce


Why are they called horn rimmed glasses?

I heard people say horn rimmed glasses. So, what are horn rimmed glasses? Are they made from horn from animals?
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  • chopperkriss


    Yes, they are orginally made from animals' horn. Adopting the Brazilian Argentina's horn material to use into making glasses foot of the legs, the horn rimmed glasses use the concise style and the elegant line, concise, comfortable and smooth. No matter from aesthetic medicine and product durability, it would be extremely attractive and market competitive.But now,most of horn rimmed glasses are made of plastics that looks like animal horns.
  • Linda


    Horn rimmed glasses are a type of eyeglasses with wide rims, which are made of horn or turtle shell originally. However, they actually have been constructed of thick plastic to imitate those materials in history. They are fashion for people to wear from the middle of 50s to the middle of 60s. Nowadays, they become a kind of fashion and decorated glasses based on their bold appearance to appear less pronounced on the wearer's face.

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