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Can drinking too much alcohol cause blindness?

I know taking too much alcohol is bad for our health. And i also hear that drinking too much alcohol also hurts to our eyes. SO, i just wonder if too much alcohol causes blindness.
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  • Emma


    yes, it will lead to blindness. After you drink alcohol, it causes the tiny blood vessels on the surface of the eye, called the sclera, to become dilated and inflamed, resulting in bloodshot eyes. So you will feel hot in your eyes after drinking. Besides, you should know that heavy drinking depletes the body of the nutrients needed for eye health and consequently can lead to a condition know as alcoholic optic neuritis. This can impair eyesight and, in time, lead to blindness. And for the brain, in the short term, heavy drinking depletes the body of vitamin B1, causing a lack of concentration and poor memory. In the longer term, it can kill off brain and nerve cells leading to memory loss, confusion and reduced co-ordination. It can also shrink the brain, which increases the risk of epileptic fits, and make cerebral blood vessels more likely to rupture and hemorrhage. in other words, drinking alcohol will not only damage your eyes and brain ,but also do harm to your other organ like mouth ,teeth ,heart ,skin and so on. So you'd better control it for your body's health.
  • ryan


    Yes, it would cause that if you drink too much alcohol. Ethanol is the alcohol that used for drinking. In general, it would not make you blind unless you drink so much. Because of too much alcohol would damage your brain that untimely causes you blindness. Methanol otherwise which the alcohol obtained from wood will cause blindness because it deplete the enzymes that work on you retina, theoretically burning the nerves in to the eye causing blindness.
  • Andri


    The excess adulterated wine methanol may easily cause people blindness. Thus, you'd better not drink the adulterated wine which may have the lethal damage. Drinking too much alcohol will cause eye hyperaemia, making the eye full of blood and leading to the line of sight fuzzy. The above phenomenon belong to a kind of alcohol allergy. Although after the break it will be restored, but if long-term in doing this, it also can bring about eye inflammation which may affect vision. In a word, you'd better drink less alcohol which is really bad for your health.
  • Alexandra


    Personally I do not think drinking too much will cause blindness, because consuming alcohol every once in a while will not have any real negative effects on your eyes. If you drink a little here and there, there may be some temporary effects such as dizziness and blurry vision, depending on how much alcohol you consume and how high your tolerance is. But any effects you feel while drinking will most likely go away, especially if you are not a heavy drinker. On the other hand, if you drink heavily or often, you are at a much higher risk for short term changes in your vision as well as permanent damage. The more you drink in one sitting, the more likely it is that you will have blurry vision and dizziness. Additionally, repeated episodes of heavy drinking can lead to some very serious eye conditions as drinking alcohol is very hard on the liver and, surprisingly, the liver and eyes are closely related.

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