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Angela green


How can i spot fake serengeti sunglasses?

I want to buy serengeti sunglasses. Any tips for choosing serengeti sunglasses? How can i spot the sunglasses are real or fake?
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  • Desiree


    If this type of serengeti sunglasses is fake, the brand print must not be marked well on the frame side. You can touch it by yourself to feel the smooth print. If it is fake, it must be uneven. And the balancing character of it should not be well which has no symmetry in the whole design.
  • carpediem__


    If you want to buy real serengeti sunglasses, first, you shall try to understand the design of the Serengeti sunglasses. When you choose the sunglasses, you shall try to find the logo on the serengeti sunglasses, and evaluate the durability of the serengeti sunglasses that you tend to buy. If they are well made and with the serengeti sunglasses logo. They are probably real serengeti sunglasses.
  • Kimberly Y


    Serengeti is a famous brand of sunglasses, which features on lighter weight and polarized lenses. To select a real Serengeti sunglasses, you need pay attention to the following items: 1. The place you buy Serengeti sunglasses. Visit its official website and buy online, or get to know its authorized retailer and go there. 2. Serengeti logo on the lens. There is a logo in the upper right corner of the right lens, which is an italicized S. 3. Polarized performance. Test the lens's polarized performance by polarized test card. If you have not, you can wear the glasses go to the bright light, then quickly move to subdued light. If the value changed, congratulations, you got a real one. 4. Ask for help. Go to an authorized store and consult shop assistant.
  • Caitlin


    When you choose serengeti sunglasses, you would know no matter what brand of famous and superior sunglasses, they all have the common characters. We can not give you the tip for the 100% assurance to define the real or fake of it, but we still have some points for you to choose the right one. Firstly, the best sunglasses have the great anti-ultraviolet function which would prevent the 99% ultraviolet. Wearing such kind of sunglasses, your pupil will keep the same no matter indoor or outdoor, in dark or bright place. Secondly, it will be very clear of the vision when you wearing the real sunglasses, your eyes will be comfortable and relax. Thirdly, the real sunglasses will be strong and durable. There have no flaws and scratches on the surface of glasses. The last one, the accessories, such as glasses cloth should be cotton make other than nylon, the details of the glasses box will also be exquisite. Ok, I believe your sight and taste. Follow your nose; it will be no issue to say the real from fake ones.

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