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debby truax


How to make sunglasses out of paper?

i think paper sunglasses look very cute and funny.I want to make sunglasses out of paper for my little kid. Any idea?
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  • ebernardino


    That is disturbing. A beautiful sunglasses with sticky paper. Generally, there is a logo tab on the lens for famous brand sunglasses. But it looks really awful! I can tell you some simple methods to get it out. 1. Hair dryer; 2. Warm water; 3. Vapor. Use the above stuffs to warm the paper, and scrape gently by hand. It is a really simple and effective way.
  • Richard


    You can make a pair of paper sunglasses, that is very funny and it can do with your kid together. However, I suggest you to use cardboard paper to make. It is more durable. You know the sunglasses would be formed by two circles with two legs, as well as a bridge. You can draw the picture on the cardboard, them cut it out, and glue them together. Finally, paint it with color and tiny decorations. A pair of smart and stylish sunglasses is formed by your hands! I suggest you have it without leneses, for the sake of poor quality leneses will damage your eyes. Ok, help yourself and your kids with it! Have fun!
  • clairegriffon


    To make paper sunglasses, you shall first draw a pair of sunglasses ( the in front part of glasses frames) on a paper. Then cut them with scissors to make the model of in front frames. And you shall also cut holes in the middle of the frame that allow to see through the hole. Besides, draw arms of eyeglasses again on a paper and then cut it out. Then, glue the in front frame to the arms. Now it is a pair of paper sunglasses. it is very easy, huh?

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