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What are best sunglasses for high forehead?

I have a high forehead. What type of sunglasses will compliment my face? What should i pay attention to when i choose sunglasses. Any suggestion? Thanks
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  • April


    If you have a high forehead, you'd better choose the type of sunglasses that make the high forehead not that outstanding. The sunglasses you choose must be in the big radian which will on the visual aspect make your forehead not look that high. Instead, the big radian sunglasses will stand out which have the same lever with your forehead.
  • Daniel christian


    If you have a high forehead, you can try oversized sunglasses, big round sunglasses that can make your high forehead less noticeable. Besides, you can try to leave bangs that will very helpful to reduce your high forehead. If you have proper hangs, you can wear any types of sunglasses that you like it. Of courses, you shall choose sunglasses according to your face shape and clothes styles so as to achieve the best look.
  • Diane Bradstock


    I hear my friends say, the one who has high forehead is the cleverest people, so congratulations! The sunglasses which would compliment your face are the smaller one, dark colored, square ones. As for the style, you would go to sunglasses shop to try to wear. The brown and dark green one may suit you. As the points that you should pay attention, the big frame will be avoid, it will make your forehead higher than the actually is. No other points would be pay attention. The range that you choose is still large. Why not go and see, hope you find the best one for yourself!

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