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Alexander green


Are sore eyes a sign of pregnancy?

My eyes sore sometimes. What cause it? Can sore eyes be a sign of pregnancy?
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  • Jackson rose


    There have many reasons to cause sore eyes, such as injury, infection, inflammation, and stimulation or long time's eyes use of eyes fatigue or lack of nutrients. From some recently studies, sweet food will develop the myopia, because the metabolism process will need a lot of vitamin B1 which is the necessary nutrient of eyes. And the other hand, the green vegetables and carrot, spinach, celery, broccoli, sesame, such fresh plants product will be good for your eyes. More water and more relax will also help with your eyes to get better. In order to cure the sore eye from long working time, first of all, blink your eyes frequently to moisten your eyes, and then take use of some eye drops of artificial tears. When you pregnancy, you may feel eyes sore, this is also right. That is just because the increasing eyes pressure when you pregnant. But, sore eyes are not an essential condition of pregnancy.
  • hill


    When you get pregnant, your eyes may easily feel dry. And they may get sore. However, the sore eyes can be caused by other problems. When your eyes get the bacterium, you will find that your eyes feel pain and become sore. You should better go to the hospital to check the real reason. If you get pregnant, you should just let them recover by themselves by having the good habit of using eyes. If not, you could use some eye drops to release the symptom.
  • marvina


    Pregnancy might probably cause sore eyes. Pregnancy can impact on many organs due to changes of hormones within body. Some people might notice the changes to their eyes; meanwhile some other even don't notice any changes happened to eyes. But anyway, the impact on eyes during pregnancy is not serious and it will disappear after giving birth. One possibility is the sensitivity of cornea decreased a lot, so that you might prolong the time of wearing contact lenses unconsciously. This might lead to sore eyes. Yet not every woman might have sore eyes through pregnancy period. The most direct and common causes for sore eyes are bacterial infection, viral infection and allergies. I can't say sore eyes are a sign of pregnancy, but I would rather prefer to put it this way that pregnancy might cause sore eyes. Whether your sore eyes are coming from pregnancy or not, I suggest you to take an examination.

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