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Can pink eye cause corneal edema?

I was diagnosed with pink eyes yesterday. I feel so bad. I just worry about if the pink eyes further cause corneal edema? How can i treat it?
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  • vincent


    Yes, if you don't treat the pink eyes carefully and properly, you will get the corneal edema easily. You should accept the medical treatment. In addition, you could take care of your habit of using eyes. You should not sit in front of the computer for a long time. You should also not eat the spicy food which will stimulate your eye nerves. If you treat the pink eyes fully, you will not get the corneal edema.
  • Kathleen


    Pink eye is the other name of infectious conjunctivitis. It is an acute infectious eye inflammation if we contacts of patients as well as his personal hygienic products. Corneal edema is also named disciform keratitis, a kind of viral keratitis. It is caused by infection of virus. In the early time of infection, the patient will feel eyes burning, photophoby, red eyes and pain. In the later period, the eyelid will turn red and swollen, tears, conjunctiva congestion and edema. So, if you do not pay attention to the pink eyes in the initial stage, it will develop to the serious disease such as corneal edema which the symptom of later period. Please go to doctor in the early time and prevent it before it happens. Actually, it's easy to get but still have way to protect. Good health habit would keep a far distance away from the bacterial and virus to your eyes.
  • Michelle percy


    It is possible for pink eye developing to corneal edema. There are some different complications which might possible happen from conjunctivitis based on different causes. Bacterial conjunctivitis can develop many complications, such as meningitis, cellulitis, septicaemia and otitis media. Normally allergic conjunctivitis won’t develop any serious complications. This kind of pink eye could heal up very soon if you are out of touch with allergen. Some viral infections, especially herpes, might finally develop corneal edema. It makes cornea swollen, even get ulcer finally which might bring permanent damages to eyes. Give proper treatment to your pink eyes, and make them heal up as soon as possible to avoid any further worsening development. Apply some saline solution to wash your eyes could help. Good luck.