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Which hair style do black rimmed rectangle glasses go well with?

I have a pair of black rimmed rectangle glasses and was wondering which hair style would go well with such glasses. I am going to have a new hair style. I am a girl.
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Answers (2)

  • lampo


    There are lots of hair styles can match well with black rimmed rectangle glasses such as straight black hair or tie your hair in aponytail. If you have side bangs, it may look better. Nevertheless, most people think that the color pf your hair is an very important factor if it match your black eyeglasses frames. If you don't have black hair it does not matter what hair style you have, and beside you are not going to use the same hair style because of those glasses.
  • eeniemeenie005


    In my opinion, a straight black hair can match your black rimmed rectangle glasses well. If you don't have straight black hair, you can also wear your hair with loose springy curls which can also go well with your eyeglasses. To be honest, the hairstyle has nothing to do with the eyeglasses you wear. Hairstyle should match the shape of your face. And the style of eyeglasses also mainly depends on your face shape and your skin stone. So don't worry about which hair style you should wear to match your black rectange eyeglasses.