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Brittany green


What should I wear with thick nerd glasses frames?

I just bought them but I'm not too sure what to wear with them. What should I wear with thick nerd glasses frames to make me not look nerdy?
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  • walkingaround


    Now, nerdy is a good word to describe fashion people right now. As thick nerd glasses frames are made in a simple style with classic black color, you shall wear some simple style clothes like T-shirts and jeans to get a good look. Or some business suit can also bring you a smart look with a pair of thick nerd eyeglasses. Want to how how to wear clothes to match your thick nerd eyeglasses frames, you can learn from some celebrities. Here are some pictures about celebrities wearing thick nerd glasses frames.
  • Gabriel peters


    In my opinion, nerd glasses frames can go well with floral dresses and skirts, overall really cute outfits. Fashion nerd glasses can also match a plaid dress, which will make you look cool. If you wear shorts and some biker bootsi with loose curly hair, a pair of nerd eyeglasses can add some cute element to your look. Moreover, some tan dockers and a flannel shirt with some strap velcro shoes can also go well with the nerd eye glasses. Hope this helps.