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Savannah percy


Which is the best brand for computer glasses?

I'm deciding to get a pair of computer glasses and would like to know a good quality brand of computer glasses that work.
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  • Jose joyce


    To get the best computer glasses, there is nothing with their brands. The best computer eyeglasses are based on your own actual prescription. If you have perfect vision, you can choose Plano computer glasses with anti reflection coating lenses to shield the eyes from harsh lights from computer screen. If you have poor vision, you shall take a eye exam first and buy real computer glasses that are based on your prescription. They are not ready made. So, there is no best brand computer glasses. If you already wear reading glasses or even bifocal glasses, the computer glasses are suggested to made about 2/3 of your reading power to give you that extra distance to bring the monitor into focus. That is to say, computer glasses only work if you need them to give you that specific focal distance that your own glasses can't do.
  • Trinity rose


    If you do want to a brand for computer glasses, Sheer Vision is a good brand to supply good quality, anti-glare filter computer glasses. You can get either prescription computer eyeglasses or non prescription computer glasses from them. they have many kinds of stylish ones for you to choose. And you will find they are the most comfortable one to wear. However, I never get a brand glasses including computer eyeglasses. I often get eyeglasses online which are cheap yet good quality. You can try these online optical stores to have a look: glassesshop, 39dollarglasses, and zennioptical. You can find stylish computer eyeglasses there with low price.
  • c_wilde


    Because computer glasses are based on the actual prescription that your eye doctors give you, there is really no readily made computer glasses sitting in fancy store for you to choose. As a result, there isn't really any best brand. However, there are a couple of principles you should stick to as you are purchasing these glasses. One is that those anti reflection glasses that have been bragged as computer glasses are scams. Don't buy them. Another is if you already wear glasses, you don't go to drug stores to pick up random pairs. Keep those in mind rather than sticking to one particular brand, and you'll never go wrong.

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