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What style of trendy glasses frame look best on girls?

i have to get glasses soon and i want to know what style of trendy glasses would look best on girls?
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  • Alexia gerard


    Since the trends of fashion glasses become diverse, there are lots of nice eyeglasses frames that match girls. Looking for the best trendy glasses, you shall consider their face shape, skin tone as well as outfits. In detail, if you have a small faces, you can try cat eye glasses. If you have a square faces, you can try round eyeglasses or big horn rimmed eyeglasses frames. Or if you have a round faces, you shall try rectangular eyeglasses etc.
  • Angelica giles


    Big frame eyeglasses are preferred by many girls nowadays. oversized glasses are one of the trendy glasses frames and more and more people, especially the young girls are following the trend to wear big framed eyeglasses. Some people look very cute with these oversized eyeglasses on. If you have a small face, it is not advisable to get the big framed eye glasses to wear. Otherwise they will make your face even smaller. Even if the oversized glasses look good on girls, you should try them on first to see whether you are suitable for them. If they do flatter your face, you will look much pretty.