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Theresa M


How much do flexible glasses for kids at cost at Specsavers ?

I am going to buy a pair of flexible glasses for my kids at Specsavers, but I can't find any information about it.
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  • Cameron smith


    You can go to their site and look for information you want. i saw most of eyeglasses frames for kids at Specsavers are sold at $ 64, If you want to buy flexible prescription glasses for your kid at Specsavers, you may prepare over 100 dollars. Anyway, they are much cheaper than buying flexible glasses in local glasses shop. Here is their site :
  • evelyn


    In some Specsavers stores you can get designer children's glasses for £30. However, I have seen kids eyeglasses at Specsavers which cost $64. At Specsavers you will find a large range of kids glasses which are designed especially for smaller faces. You can choose any type of them as long as they can suit your kid fine. It is said that you can get 2 pairs complete kids glasses at Specsavers starts from $149. Just go to their website to get more detailed information. Good luck!