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How much does stylish glasses frames online cost?

I am looking for some stylish glasses frame like cat eye glasses frame or big nerd glasses frame. I want some good quality and light weight frames. How much does it usually cost online?
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  • Makayla


    It is depends which shop and which frame you choices, But i see that most cat eye glasses frames and nerd glasses frames at are about 20-30 dollars. And the fashion eyeglasses at are start at 8$. They also provide titanium glasses frames, memory plastic and memory metal frames which are very light weight. Besides, eyebuydirect, 39dollarglasses, and are also good place to buy glasses frames.
  • colddaz


    The cost of stylish glasses depends on several factors, like the frame style, the frame material you choose and the place you get. The fashion eye glasses frames in some cheap online optical stores may cost about $20-$100. If you want to get them from name brands, they will cost you more, from $200 to $500. Stylish eyeglasses frames, like cat eye glasses frame or big nerd glasses frame are very popular and you can get them with lower price from zennioptical, framesdirect. If you want to get light weight frames, titanium glasses frames are the best choice for you, but they are a little expensive for at least over $100.