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What are the benefits of wearing plastic sunglasses?

I find many sunglasses are made of plastic. What are the benefits of wearing plastic sunglasses compared with other sunglasses?
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  • Isabel fergus


    There is not much differences between plastic sunglasses and other metal sunglasses for blocking UV light. But most girls like wearing acetate sunglasses and injection sunglasses, because the material softer and feel noble. plastic sunglasses are lighter and more fashion than metal sunglasses frames. Since plastic materials can easy be shaped and colored, they are favored by many manufacturer. The use of plastic materials make sunglasses more diverse and nice and attract lots of people. Maybe this is the reason why many sunglasses are made of plastic.
  • evelyn


    Lightness is an important feature that we benefit from all types of plastics, varying from zyl, cellulose acetate propionate to nylon. Sunglasses are usually used in an outdoor environment. Lightness is an important contribution, especially to performance or sports sunglasses. Another one is their flexibility in color application. Plastic sunglasses have different colors for you to choose, like green, orange, red, purple and any other. Compared to metal frame sunglasses, plastic frame sunglasses are easy to be tinted.