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Is it normal to get eye infection after flying?

Taking off the plane, my eyes felt pain and i went to a doctor. He told me i got eye infection. I just wonder if flying cause eye infection. Is this normal?
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  • Gabriel leonard


    Yes, it is possible for you to get the eye infection after taking the plane. When the plane takes off, you will find that your eyes pressure will increase suddenly. The bacterium may easily come into your eyes. That is why you get the eye infection. You could use the eye drops to release your symptom. And during this time, you should protect your eyes carefully.
  • Jade


    The cause of eyes infection will be virus and lack of nutrients such as vitamin A and B. The cornea is exposed in the air, if the environment around you is full of pollen or other particles; it will become the carrier of virus and bacterial to induce the infection or inflammation as well as irritability eyes disease. Lack of water drinking and vegetable taking in will lead you lack of vitamin, your body will lack of immunity. Under such circumstance, you will easy to get eyes disease. Furthermore, when you get on the plane, there will be closure place for you, the air is poorly ventilated. The virus and bacterial will be easier to spread. This will be the reason why you get infection. So, please drink more fresh water and take some supplements of vitamin, sleep well to increase the immunity of your body, keep caution of your eyes hygiene. Some eyes drop will be helpful also.
  • Isabelle


    It is possible to happen, although not many. During flying, we are in this airtight environment, which makes it easier to get infection through virus, bacteria and dusts in the air. Because bacterial and viral conjunctivitis are very contagious, so getting infected in plane is possible. If you are wearing contact lenses, it might cause infections through long time journey. But the low air pressure during flight in the plane, especially the takeoff and landing, could cause sinuses. Because of the reduced air pressure, it can cause pressure build up in head, which result in severe pain in temple and eyes. If you need to travel by plane, and you happened to have this kind of situation before, I suggest you to note some points. First of all, you'd better not wear contact lenses. It might be painful in the flight of your eyes, and wearing contact lenses could make you feel worse. Take some eye drops and sinus drops with you just in case.