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Should lasik surgery affect my flying career?

I want to have lasik surgery on my both eyes,but wonder if it can affect my flying career.
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  • erraticgothles


    This differs from the counrty you are in and the types of flying. For military filying, LASIK is not acceptable. But I guess commercial filying would be acceptable. If you are weak in night vision or even nightblindness, you are not qualitifed to any flying.
  • Randa Fritch


    Lasik surgery is quite safe now.If you take good care of your eyes after the lasik surgery, I think it won't affect your flying career.However, you'd better check the actual requirements for the flying before you start to do lasik surgery because different country may have different rules.
  • b3mine_x3


    Lasik surgery is acceptable in some Commercial and private airline company,but for military flying,it may be prohibited. You can have a look at this c=ecfr&sid=37165cf9cfad5bf261aacb9fd804c5e9&rgn=div8&view=text&node=14: Hope it can be useful for you.
  • eclipseracer01


    It should not affect your flying career if the surgery really works well on you.

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