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Why are my rimless glasses so thick?

I have always been wearing full frame glasses but i ordered a pair of rimless glasses a week ago. When I got it, the lenses were much thicker than my old pair even if I choose 1.67 index lenses. BTW, my prescription didn't change. WHY?
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  • Dixie Mentry


    Do you make a serious compare between the rimless glasses and your old one?Some times the rimless glasses seems to be thicker than regular one because there is no frame to hide them.
  • Gabriella


    I wonder how strong your prescription is.It is normal that the rimless glasses appear much thicker than the full frame glasses because the thickness just hangs out there.If you have strong prescription (more than -8.00),you'd better not choose the rimless glasses.
  • charmed83


    The lenses of rimless glasses are exposed to outside and you can notice them easily while the rim glasses have let the lenses hiden into the frames so that you can't notice the thickness even though they are thick actually.
  • creationfest


    The optician may make it by error,go back to his place for confirmation.

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