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John Rodriguez


what is the advantage and disadvantage of lasik surgery?

I am going to have lasik surgery,is there any side effect?
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  • Jeff N


    LASIK surgery have both benefits and risks.Benefits:1.It is speedy and brief, just a few miniute for each eye to have surgery.2.Farewell to your eyeglasses.You will probably not need glasses or contact lenses for most activities. 3.Permanent and save the cost for future.You don't need more appointments for prescription updates. Risks:1.Risk of complications. 2. Temporarily dry eyes.
  • Isabelle garcia


    After you do lasik surgery, you will get perfect vision without glasses.Then the glasses won't bother you any longer when you do some makeup. You can enjoy a clear world with your eyes again.However, there can be risk of lasik surgery.If you still use your eyes incorrectly, you will get vision problem again.
  • Justin fergus


    Every surgery can have risks,the lasik surgery will be no exception.I have heard that someone's vision would get worse several years later or even almost blind.But it does can correct your vision,saving you the trouble of wearing glasses and the cost for them.
  • Gabriella


    The best advantage is your vision can improve a lot and no longer to wear glasses. The disadvantage is there may be complications several years later after the Lasik surgery.

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