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Danielle lewis


how to get a non prescription glasses?

I have perfect vision. Do I need to have an exam if I want to get a non-prescription glasses?
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  • Anita


    You should go to an optician to have an optometrist check your eyes to make sure your vision is perfect and don't have to wear prescription glasses.At the meanwhile,they will measure your size so that you can choose the right size of your glasses.Then you can take your size to any optical store to select the one you like best and try them on to see whether they are comfortable to wear.Or you can buy them online as long as you provide your size.
  • Melanie smith


    You can buy your non prescription glasses at any places that sell glasses. However, you need have an eye exam before you go to get your non prescription glasses though you have non prescription because you should check your size and whether your eyes are healthy.

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