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Can someone share some experience of lasik surgery?

I want to have LASIK surgery but I am a little scared.Can anyone tell me the outcome of your lasik surgery?
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  • b3st_deceptions


    I am also scared about the lasik surgery and I am not sure what the long effects are, so I would not have Lasik surgery.However, one of my friends had a lasik surgery several months ago. Now she feel comfortable and there is nothing wrong with her sight.
  • Anthony cecil


    Before I had the Lasik surgery,I was as anxious as you are.I wonder whether it would work well on me or cause complications after the surgery.I even had the idea of giving it up.It was not that bad to wear glasses.But finally I did it and never regret it.Now I have good vision and can take part in all kinds of sports without worrying what kinds of glasses should I wear.
  • Sara nelson


    My Dad had it last year with fantastic results. He was legally blind and now doesn't have to wear glasses at all. I would consider it if I had the money.

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