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Need suggestions on lenses for complicated prescription and high power?

I have strong power and my doctor suggest me choose 1.74 index lenses, but he charged me almost $1,000. I have low income and can't afford this. However, I don't want my lenses to be very thick yet. help me out plz! My prescription is: SPH OD: -16.50 OS: -15.00 CYL OD: + 4.00 OS: + 3.00 Axis: OD: 120 OS: 76 ADD: +2.00
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  • Joshua?


    For you case, you should do as what your doctor advices you, 1.74 index lenses can ensure you a thinner and lighter lenses to improve your outlook and make you comfortable to wear all due to your strong power. But the fee he charged you is unaffordable. You may try to check at some other stores or searching online to see if somewhere offer cheaper 1.74 lenses. I remember one of online store I have ordered named Firmoo, The 1.74 index lenses only cost you $110.
  • Tracy


    According to your prescription,you have quite strong power and serious astigmatism. Your vision is so bad.But $1000 for 1.74 index lenses is too much. As I know,you can get it much cheaper around $150 from online stores. If you have vision insurance,it would be better.
  • greg t


    Your prescription is so strong. If you choose the normal lenses, then they will be much thicker and look ugly. However, the high index lenses can be made much thinner.The stronger the prescription is , the thinner the lenses will be.But this kind of lenses are more expensive than the normal ones.So the price that your doctor charge you is quite reasonable.
  • Angelica


    You should take your doctor's advice.They know what kind of glasses suit you fine.

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