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Does iritis cause headaches?

I got iritis . But i also feel headaches sometimes. So, can iritis cause headaches?
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  • Brandon


    Yes, iritis can cause headaches.The iris is a circular, pigmented membrane that provides the eye its color. The opening in the center is the pupil of the eye. Iritis can develop quickly and affect only one eye. Like some other eye problems, it can cause pain in the eye or brow region, and even blurred vision. In addition, it can cause headache. You should wear sunglasses if light worsens your eye pain.
  • Ana evelyn


    Well, in my opinion, it is possible to have headache when you suffer iritis. First, you should know what the iris is. The iris is made up of muscular fibers, which can control the amount of light entering the pupil. In that way, you can see clearly. And when it is inflamed, the ititis occur. And then it can just affect your eyes, also affect the related organs, such as head. Finally, you may suffer headache. For your situation, you can just try some ways to treat your iritis, so that your headache will recover too. For example, you should wear dark glasses if light worsens your eye pain. Also, you can take some mild analgesics, such as ibuprofen to help control some of the discomfort. Anyway, you can just have a try.
  • ct_exposed


    Yes, the iritis will cause your headaches. The eye nerves' pain will affect the brain development. You will find that you get the headache often. You should treat the eyes problems with medicine which could make your recovery soon. At the same time, you should have the good rest for the eyes. You should better keep the good diet.