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Why do i see yellow spots in my vision?

I feel so strange that i can see yellow spots in my vision. Why? What are they ? Am i got some strange eye diseases? Can anyone explain it to me?
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  • Jacqueline hall


    I think you may mean you can see some floaters in your vision. Many people can see floaters in their vision. It is very common. If you can see just a few floaters in your eyes, you needn't apply for treatment. But if you can see a lot of floaters in your vision, that may be a sign of some disease. You must seek for some professional treatment.
  • Shelby


    Dear friend, you may get floaters. But I doubt that whether you mean that you have yellow spots on your eyes. Look at a mirror and check about this. If you have yellow spots in your eyes, it might be pinguecula. It was caused by over-exposure to the sun. We can prevent this by adopt proper eye protection. Sunglasses is a good equipment to protect UV light and harsh light when we are outside.

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