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Is it normal to have blurry vision after appendectomy?

I just took an appendectomy. Now, i feel vision blurred. What does it mean?
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  • Ariana


    Yes, it is the temporary symptom of appendectomy for the eyes. Your eyes may feel so dry after the appendectomy. That is why you get the blurred vision. However, at that time, your eyes may be weak at the immune system which will cause to get the bacterium. You'd better check on your eyes carefully to see whether there is the infection in the eyes.
  • Aaron may


    Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes. Because appendectomy has nothing to do with your eyes and vision. However, sometimes it could affect other parts of your body, maybe the anesthetics has got some impacts on your eyes. I recommend that you go to take an eye exam to see what happened. And if the problem does not go away, it might be a health problem sign.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Well, it is possible to have blurry vision after you have taken an appendectomy. First, Appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix when an infection has made it inflamed and swollen. When you have blurry vision, and look at objects, you can not see it clearly and you see a single blurry and unclear image of an object. And in common, blurry vision can be caused by the bacteria, and other allergies. After you have the surgery, your eyes will be sensitive, and they can be infected easily. And then, you can get blurred vision. So just pay more attention to it.

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