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What can i do about floaters in my eyes?

I suffer eye floaters. What should i do? How can i remove it?
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  • Benjamin gary


    As we all know, the floater is very annoying and many victims suffer from it, so many people, like you want to remove it. However, to the best of my knowledge, there is no way to remove it, but you can take some measures to keep any others from developing or becoming worse. The most important thing is that you should get to know the reasons why you get the floater. For example, if you get the floater because of the smoking, you should firstly stop smoking. Besides, you can release the floater by taking some sulfur plants, such as the onions or garlic. The doctors have suggest many patients to take this ways. Last but not the least, you should take in enough vitamin B2 from your food, namely, you should eat enough vegetable and fruits. As a friend, sincerely wish you all the best, and hope the floater packs itself up or become less annoying.
  • Jessica Stevenson


    The symptom of floaters is appearing just like the black dots which float follows the movements of the eyes. It looks like flying mosquito. The shapes of the dots are various, the circle, oval, spot or threadiness all around your vision. These dots of shapes will affect your vision to the normal view. It may be caused by eye disease of inflammation or intraocular hemorrhage. The floaters are the representation of some kinds of disease. They are retinal tear and amotio retinae, vitreous hemorrhage, and uveitis. Among them, the diabetes and high blood pressure will cause intraocular hemorrhage, once the blood get into vitreous body, the floaters will present in your vision. It will lead to vision decrease. Different disease need different remedies, the tiny blood would be cure by hemostatics, and the laser and surgery would be adopted to cure the serious disease. No matter what kind of disease, you need check the detail in the hospital.
  • Kimberly


    Eye floaters are small moving spots which can appear in your field of vision. Though eye floaters can be a little annoying, they won't interfere with your sight and can be treated. In the beginning you can just move your eyes more and this can shift the fluid in the eyes, looking up and down or from side to side. If the eye floaters do not disappear and get worse you will turn to the eye doctor for help. Normally the eye doctor will conduct a vitrectomy to your eyes which is to remove the floating debris and replace them with a salt solution. But I have to say that vitrectomy may have complications which are not good for your eyes. So in order to avoid the treats caused by vitrectomy, you are supposed to treat your eye floaters at the very beginning.

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