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Does sleep apnea cause glaucoma?

Can sleep apnea be a factor of glaucoma? Why or why not?
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  • Jason warren


    Yep, sleep apnea is a factor of glaucoma. You have to know that sleep apnea may lead to many serious health problems. However, this situation is usually ignored by people or just taken as very normal. However, if you don' t find the reason early and get therapy in time. It will easily turn into diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. Moreover, it has been proved that sleep apnea symptoms may affect your eyes. The so called sleep disorder is closely connected with irregular hormone levels, obesity, and insomnia. And till now, people also find its leading to glaucoma. However, it mostly happen when optic nerves get extra pressure. That is why we advocate people to get enough sleep nowadays, and it will be much better if we sleep with the window open. If some of the above symptoms happen to us, we should go to the doctor in time.
  • Logan hall


    Yes, the sleep apnea will be a factor of glaucoma. As we know, the main reason for the glaucoma is the high pressure at the eyes. The sleep apnea will easily cause the disorder of the pressure at the eyes. That is why it causes the glaucoma. You need to pay attention to this aspect. If you find such symptom, you need to use some medical care to treat it to keep the health of the eyes.