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Can dry eyes cause eye pain?

Is it possible to make yes pain when you suffer dry eyes? Or what the bad effects of dry eyes?
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  • Brittany dale


    Of course the dry eyes may possibly lead to eyes pain. The common symptom of dry eyes including feel dry in your eyes, eye strain, sleepiness, itching, foreign body sensation, burning, tight eyelids, excretion thickness, photophoby, sensitive to stimulation from outer environment, temporary visual blurring. The reflective tear secretion makes you tear all the way. The serious one will cause swollen, eye short. The long term suffering of dry eyes will cause conjunctiva's pathological changes and affect the vision in permanent.
  • David Felker


    Yes, for most people who have dry eyes they have the experience of intense pain in eyes. Dry eye is the symptom of the conjunctiva and cornea without sufficient tear production or tear evaporation. Dryness may develop on the cornea and can result in painful, stinging and burning sensation in eyes. Dry eyes could be caused by many symptoms and complications, such as inflammation of eyelids, allergic conjunctivitis, chronic meibomianitis, vitamin A deficiency, sjogren's syndrome and lasik surgery or radiation treatment, etc. Dry eye syndrome may result in many bad effects on you. In addition to affecting ocular health, the discomfort of dry eyes can cause deterioration of your health, emotional health and social functioning, which may make you have difficulty with reading, computer work, watching TV and even driving. Therefore, to help alleviate the symptoms of dry eye syndrome, you may use hot compress method and massage with baby shampoo to provide a thicker lipid layer for eyes, or just intake oil fish and use artificial tear to relieve dry eye syndromes.
  • ct_exposed


    Yes, it is possible for you to get eye pain because of dryness of the eyes. Your dryness of the eyes could affect the nerves of the eyes. The dryness of the eyes should be treated with eye drops or food with vitamin C. If you ignore it, it will cause other eyes problems, like redness of the eyes. The serious ones could also be following, like the cold in the eye. You'd better have the good rest for the eyes.