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Why does my eye twitch when i smile?

My eyes twitching when i smile. Why? Or what cause my eyes twitches?
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  • Melanie


    When you are so excited and have big change in mood, you will have eyes twitching temporarily. However the eye's infection will also make you have eyes twitching when you smile. You need to pay attention to. You could use some eye drops to make your eyes feel comfortable. You could also use warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and get moisture.
  • Kate


    Maybe you have already get some eye problems, such as bepharitis, black eye, dry eye and pink eye. Sometimes muscle problems and brain problems are possible to lead to eye twitching. When you smile, the muscles in face may work abnormally because of disorders. In addition, glaucoma, migraine and diabetes are also causes of eye twitches.

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