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Can not wearing your glasses make your vision worse?

I have mild nearsightedness. And i have bought a pair of prescription glasses. But i don't like to wear it. I just want to know what will happen if i not wear it. Can not wearing your glasses make vision more serious?
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  • cazik


    Yeah, you are right. Your eyes will get worse if you don' t wear glasses. You know, it will be hard for your eyes to get focused without a clear vision. what is more, it will also lead to a headache and eye pain. The use of eyeglasses is not only helping you see more clearly but also getting your vision get corrected. However, since you have mild nearsightedness. I recommend you to wear glasses just when you need. In order to protect your eyes, you should have your eyes checked once a yearIt will do no harm to your eyes. Hope this could help.
  • chronojwl


    Yes, not wearing your glasses will make your vision get worse and become more serious. You are near sighted which need the eyeglasses with high prescription to help you see things clearly. If you don't wear the eyeglasses, the image of the objects will not reflect on your pupils. You will see things in the close eyes. If you do this often, your eyes will become laziness which you should take high attention to. You'd better wear the eyeglasses to see things clearly.
  • Susie Washington


    Ok, looks like you have got some trouble with your vision, so sorry to hear that. As a matter of fact, it would of course make your vision worse not to wear some prescription glasses, because your eyes tend to grow much more worse. With a pair of nice and proper glasses, your eyes could be protected and prevent your vision from getting worse at a rapid pace. Also, to get more healthy foods or a good use of your eyes could be of great significance to you.
  • Christian


    It is right. Everyone has a unique eye sight degree. You cannot wear improper eyeglasses if you have some vision problems. Also, you mustn't wear other people's eyeglasses, or further myopia may occur. The lens are different from people. Wrong eyeglasses will make you step in a wrong condition. So you had better wear your own eyeglasses and take eyesight exam in certain time.