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Vanessa george


How to make dull eyes stand out?

I have dull eyes. What can i do to make it stand out? Any idea?
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  • cute_but_catty


    I hear that some actors raise the dove and golden fish to exercise the expression of eyes. The active expression will make the dull eyes alive. I think your problem is not originated from the eyes themselves, but the communication with people. I suggest you to go some party and enjoy the happiness with the fellows. The more communication, the lovely your eyes will be. Of course, the makeup with eyes shadow or mascara is a direct and soonest way to improve your eyes! Hope my suggestion is useful.
  • Katelyn smith


    The dull eyes, not like big eyes with the thickest eyelashes, usually give others an impression of sleepy status without any energy. But to make your dull eyes stand out, you need some simple makeup techniques. First step, to enhance your natural eye colour. You can apply eye shadows that highlight your original eye colour, such as blue eyes with brown or silver eye shadow, brown eyes with gold or blue eye shadows, and green eyes with purple or pink eye shadows. Second step, to make your eyes wider and larger. Line top and bottom lash line with dark eyeliner all the way to inside corner, which will make your eyes the feeling of fuller eyelashes meanwhile deepen your eyes. Third step, to make your eyelashes curl. You can curl lashes up your eyes, then place the mascara on each lash to cover them and separate them. I believe theses make up tricks will make your dull looking eyes brighter and more energetic. Besides, to get rid of dull eyes, you can also use good eye cream to overcome problems like eye bags, wrinkles and signs of aging. Ensure you have enough sleep and rest. I hope these could help make your eyes more supple and refreshed.
  • Jenya


    If you want to make your dull eyes stand out, you could use to wear the contact lenses which could help you get the effect. You could choose the favorite color of the contact lenses to match with your perfect clothing. You could also do the make up at the eyes part which will also make your eyes stand out and look beautiful.