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James taylor


Why do my eyes get dry when i wear glasses?

It is so strange that i get dry eyes when i wear glasses. Why? Can wearing glasses lead to dry eyes?
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  • Cameron


    Actually the dryness of the eyes has no relation with your dry eyes. Your dry eyes may be caused by your lots of use in front of the computers or lots of use of eyes for long time with little rest. You may use the eyes drops to make your eyes feel moisture. In addition, you could also use the warm compress to improve the dryness of the eyes.
  • Carlos rodney


    Wearing eyeglasses won't cause dry eyes. And there are many reasons that can cause dry eyes. In details, If you spend long time in front of computer, it will cause dry eyes, Besides, long time reading without break also the main reason for dry eyes. In addition, dry eyes may also result from an lasiky surgery. If you suffer dry eyes, just use some eye drops to keep your eyes moist. Besides, drinking more water and take more vitamin A can also help dry eyes.
  • leigh sehr


    Dry eye is a common condition that is characterized by a disturbance of the tear film. Sometimes fatigue also can cause dry eyes. Maybe you wear eyegalsses in a long time which is easy to lead to tired and fatigue. In addition, dry eye also caused by reading too much, staring computer constantly and some basic eye problems. Buy take it easy. Treatments for dry eyes are various. Drop some counter eye drops to relieve dryness and unomfortable. Drink some water everyday. Hot compresses and eyelid massage with baby shampoo are good for lipid layer. Plus, eat some fresh fruits and vegetables can keep eye health indaily life.
  • Anders


    I have the same experience. I wear contact lenses and when I wear reading glasses I get the feeling that my eyes get dry.