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What causes a chalazion in my eye?

Does anyone know what can lead to a chalazion in the eye?
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  • crusanov


    Well, a chalazion is a blockage in a small duct in your eyelid that can result in a small bump and eyelid swelling. And when the glands in your eyes can not release their oil because their duct is blocked, the oil backs up and causes a bump. And at this moment, a chalazion will occur. And there are a number of factors which can increase the risk of developing a chalazion, such as blepharitis, viral infection. So just take care of your eyes.
  • everetthol


    Well, I can see that you are quite worried about your eye health. So, it is true that chalazion could be resulted from a variety of reasons,which makes it quite complicated sometimes. So, generally speaking, it would be derived from stye,chronic conjunctivitis, as well as the infection of your sebaceous gland. So, once noticed the problem, you should head to the hospital for timely treatment, just try to pay attention to every aspect of your life, hope you recover asap!
  • cap081291


    Chalazion refers to the meibomian gland and its surrounding tissue inflammation caused by obstruction of the gland after chronic granulomatous gland body increase. The chalazion onset is eyelid edema. The swelling symptom may also stimulate the symptoms. The hordeolum may not have easy difference. A few days later the above symptoms subsided. The eyelid will leave only painless. You will have slow growth of circular mass. The surface of the skin can be in the relax state. The average symptom is palpebral conjunctiva under red or gray mass. When the mass symptom is happened in the next eyelid, it should eliminate chronic dacryocystitis. The chalazion in the eyes can be easily caused by the eyes infection because of the coming bacterium. Even some other eyes diseases may cause the eyes problems too.