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What does corneal scarring look like ?

I just heard people talked about corneal scarring. I never saw it. Can you tell me what corneal scarring looks like?
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  • Alexia gerard


    Corneal scarring refers to an injury of the cornea of the eye. And it can lead to opacity and visual impairment. When it occurs, your eyes will feel painful, and red. For the effects of corneal scarring, it can lead to blurring and also blindness in the eye. So it can be dangerous to have it. In common, if the scarring is causing significant visual problems, then a corneal transplant may be required to restore vision. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Ariana


    Corneal scarring is the condition that some damages and some injuries in your eye's cornea and scar formation is a natural part of the healing process after injury, which can lead to a blurry vision.This kind of scarring blocks light and, in some cases, leads to blindness. So go to see the doctor and have a good treatment.
  • charmed83


    Cornea is the clear and transparent membrane covering on eyeballs. It can protect eyeball from irritation. It is called as window of eyes, because light needs to travel through and then get focus on the retina. Corneal scarring is the injury of cornea, which makes cornea opaque. Because the cornea is covering on eyeball, when it is transparent, we can't see it. However, if it is opaque, it might appear as dots or larger area. If the scar is located in the central part of eyeball, it could be very obvious cloudy spots and impact the vision. At the very early stage, medication could be adopted to treat corneal scarring. Once the scar is formed and impair most of the vision, then surgery is required for vision restore purpose.