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Alexia gerard


How to choose swimming goggles for kids?

Is there any idea to choose swimming goggles for kids? I plan to buy a pair for my kids
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  • Sharron Green


    Looks like you are planning to buy a pair of goggles for you loving kids right? OK, when buying them, you should take some factors into consideration. First up, you gotta make sure the size is suitable for youngs kids right? Don't get the right size. Also, you should make sure that the ribbon is strong enough, I believe you don't want your kids to get drawn, just in case. Personally speaking, if your kids are too young, you shouldn't let them dive, rather, you should get them some swim ring, just for safety concern. Lastly, you'd better take them to stores to try them on and get the most comfortable ones.
  • eden540


    You'd better choose the swimming goggles for the kids because the water in the swimming pool has too much bacterium which may let your kid's eyes get infected. You can go online and buy one for your kids. The price there will be relatively cheap. You should measure the size of your kid's head firstly, choosing the suitable size of swimming goggles.