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What are good hairstyles for women with glasses?

I am a person who is always wearing eyeglasses. Any idea about hair style that can make me look good.
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  • Noah james


    Which hairstyle should be adopted to look beautiful? There is no fixed answer. You should take the face shape, color of complexion and so on into consideration. In addition, you should keep notice of matching your clothes which have the same role as the hairstyle. Only after you combine all these elements can you look better when wearing the eyeglasses.
  • Kristin


    You needn't worry too much about your eyeglasses when you make hair. On the contrary, you shall know what image you want before you make hair. If you want to be wise and capable. you'd better tied your hair up and wear some business suit or something like that. If you want to be sexy, you can let your hair down in a natural way. If you want to look cute, you may need also buy a pair cute eyeglasses.
  • Erin rupert


    Well, this qustion is quite interesting, because it is set out to be answered by men right? So as a man, I mean, I have some advice for you. Personally speaking, I prefer those girls with glasses and short hair styles. Because in this way, it would not be looking much too weird . And girls with short hair will look very cute if she is able to dress well. So, if you wear eye glasses , just try not to leave a long hair. Hope you find it useful.
  • Goonen


    I think it's more of a "what hairstyles look good with your face shape" kind of thing and glasses don't really effect anything. But then again, people with glasses are seen as intellectuals, so maybe try medium dark brown hair. And try adding some more volume to your hair so the neck and up looks more proportionate with your body.