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What are eye exercises to prevent macular degeneration?

Is there any eye exercise can help prevent macular degeneration? I don't want to get presbyopia. Please help.
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  • christensengirl


    Presbyopia is not only a kind of aging phenomenon but also a physiological phenomenon. It is is a natural process. Prevent presbyopia is actually a process of anti-aging. Thus it doesn't need deliberately prevention. However, the eye exercise can to some degree help prevent the macular degeneration. But it can not let you not get the presbyopia.
  • christensengirl


    Macular degeneration leads to progressive damage to the central macula that the part of the retina is using for seeing color and acute vision. And the peripheral parts of the retina enable you to see sudden movements at night. There is no way for preventing age-related macular degeneration. However, you can train your eyes to make the best use of the remaining vision. Hence, the eye exercise is useful for that. You can find an occupational therapist to help you become aware of any blind spots. The therapist holds the object in different locations and asks you to look either above, below or to the sides of it to improve the ability to see smaller objects. And it can improve reading skills based on practice reading large print within their fingers to follow the text.

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