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Why do hipsters wear glasses without lenses?

I just can't understand why so many hipsters like to wear eyeglasses without lenses? Anyone can explain for me?
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  • Diane Rhone


    For many people, glasses is not only a kind of tools to improve visual, but also a kind of useful adornment. Especially the frames. Different frames can give person different feeling. People can choose the frame's material, color, shape to make himself or herself looked more attractive. Because a lot of people have no vision problems, so they do not need to wear a lens glasses. For them, the function of the frame is much larger than the lens.
  • waldron143


    Wearing eyeglasses without lenses become the fashionable tend nowadays. People tend to wear the ones with big frame, usually the black ones to show the calmness and coolness. Sometimes people will wear the contact lenses to help them see the vision. At the same time, the big frame eyeglasses with no lenses are made as the accessories.


    It's a pretty obscure fashion thing, you probably haven't heard of it.
    Seriously, though, it's because nerdy people who don't need or want to actually wear glasses are trying to appear nerdy on the outside, too. It's a fad.

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