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Can rubbing eyes cause retinal detachment?

Will rubbing too much eyes cause retinal detachment? Why?
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  • Cassidy


    As a matter of fact, indeed, rubbing eyes too much is likely to cause retinal detachment. I mean, do you really have to do so? Sometimes people rub their eyes to relieve uncomfortable feelings, but I do think this is a bad habit. Ok, actually, rubbing eyes too hard will do harm to your eyes, including infection, red eyes, even retinal detachment as you said. So, I do recommend that you stop doing this! If you really feel uncomfortable, you might as well take some eye drops, get more sleep or consult a doctor! Wish you good health.
  • Trinity rose


    If your eyes belong to the high prescription which owns the too thin retina, too much times of heavy rubbing may cause the retinal detachment. Usually, the retinal detachment are caused by the serious sports activities or the big heat on the eyes. The treatment should be immediately. Or else, it may cause the blindness.

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