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Does smoking cause eye floaters?

Will smoking too much cause eye floaters? i find my eye floaters more active right now.
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  • c_wilde


    Well, I gotta say, it all depends, because generally speaking, smoking does not cause eye floaters, this is common sense. However, if you have previously developed eye floaters, and you keep smoking a lot, then smoking will probably worsen your situation, got it? Since smoking is a bad habbit, it will do harm to a lot of parts of your body, maybe your eyes will suffer from it. So, for your own health, just reduce smoking and find treatment for your eye floaters.
  • clam_i_am


    The eye floaters appearance must be caused by the overuse of eyes in front of computers or the infection from the bacteriums. If you smoke, the irritating material will stimulate the eye nerves which will of course intensify your floaters in the eyes. You'd better stop smoking and have a check on the eyes.