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What site have you ordered prescription glasses from?

Please only give me site you have personally ordered your prescription glasses from.
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  • 04/12/2012

    I know a website called and it has high quality of eyeglasses. You can go to their site to experience for free if you are new buyers there.I have experienced there, it is wonderful. I believe you can get your prescription glasses there with much satisfaction.
  • eatmyhartout


    I often order prescription glasses from online optical stores, such as, 39dollarglasses, eyebuydirect and The glasses of all these online optical stores are inexpensive and the quality is good. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks for me to get my prescription eyeglasses after I ordered them. I hope this can help you a lot.
  • walker


    I've ordered a pair of prescription glasses from which provides me inexpensive glasses with good quality. And I got my eyeglasses 2-3 weeks after I ordered them. I was satisfied with my prescription glasses that I ordered there. You can go there to have a look, too.
  • Luthy


    I placed an order online last week. I bought this pair of glasses. It is pure titanium. It is said that titanium frames are very light and durable, and it fits for those who are allergic to metal frames. Wish this helped!
  • vincent


    Sweetie, there are so many online stores. I don't know which kind of glasses you like best and what price you can accept. So it is really hard to give you any suggestions. But I bought a pair of glasses in this store. You can have a look. If you want to know more sites of online stores, I'd like to tell you that you can search online eyeglasses on Google. And there will be many online glasses stores. Good luck!