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What should I do when I have first sign of pink eyes?

"My right eye is oozing out eye boogers constantly and it started this morning. I noticed that a little bit of my eye has started to turn a bit pink. Will it become pink eyes tomorrow? What should i do?"
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  • Mya


    If it is pink eye, you can use some home remedy first to relieve it. Place the warm compresses dipped with rose, lavender or chamomile oil over your eyes and apply it for 5-10 mins for 3-4 times a day. Hot compress relieves the discomfort as well as removes the infection from the eyes. If you have swelling, itching and redness, you can use ice pack. Just soak a clean cloth in cold water and remove excess water. Then, put the wet cloth on your eyes for several minutes and change the water when it gets warm.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    It is impossible to heal the pink eye during one or two days. According the related data, one patient who is found to be affected this disease should accept more than three days' treatment. Meanwhile, we suggest patient not attend to the public places in two days after your recovery. As we know, the pink eye is one of the most communicable diseases. So it is not best choice to go outside unless you are cured completely. Of course, if it says to the home remedies to pink eye, there are several ways to it. First, stick the warm compresses on your eyes in order to make your eye feel better and relieve the discomforts. Second, drop some medicine like antibiotics in the eyes. Third but the most important is to keep everything you use clean and do not share the towel, bowl, glasses and so on.