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William clive


Is it possible for adult to get pink eyes?

I head that pink eyes are troublesome. Can adults get pink eyes?
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  • Brooke peters


    Yes, pink eye can appear in any people easily who get in touch with the infected people closely. But adults are less likely than children to get pink eye because they have a stronger immune system at prevention, which involves practicing good hygiene. To prevent pink eye, wash your hands frequently and make sure you don't come in contact with anything that the infected person has touched.
  • Julia


    Adults can also get pink eyes. Pink eye is infectious conjunctivitis, it is an acute infectious ophthalmia, which is caused by bacteria or viruses, it is a common external eye disease. This disease can occur throughout the year, and it is more common in spring and summer. Pink eye is a contagious eye disease, such as contact with towels, wash utensils, faucets, doorknobs, swimming pool water and so on, which are used by people with pink eye. So this disease does not have a relation with your age, adult can also get pink eyes.
  • chicomm


    The answer is absolutely yes. Pink eye is commonly caused by viral infection or an allergic reaction which may be caught by both adults and kids. Fortunately, it is less possible for adults to be infected. And there are some things you can do to prevent it. Remember the following tips: keeping your hand clean by regularly washing with mild soap; avoiding sharing towels and washcloths; do not touch your eyes with your hand. To sum up, everyday hygiene is of great importance. Keep in mind that if it becomes serious, you should go for a doctor at once. Eye tenderness or pain, changes in vision, sensitivity to light, difficulty keeping the eye open are the warning symbols.