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How do pink eyes spread to others?

One of my classmate got pink eyes and went home because pink eyes will spread to others. So, how do pink eyes spread to others?
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  • Miranda hall


    Pink eye can spread to others easily by sharing makeup or using the same face towels etc with the infected person. If you handle objects that infected person may have handled like grocery carts, public restrooms, doorknob and rub your eyes without washing hands, you can also get pink eye. To prevent pink eye, wash your hands frequently and make sure you don't come in contact with anything that the infected person has touched.
  • crazy_durr


    Pink eye is contagious eye disease. Our hands may contact with a lot of things, if you contact the things which are used by people who has pink eyes, you may get this disease. It is not transmit through air, the mode of transmission is very clear, so prevention is relatively easy. When you have pink eye or some people around you have pink eye, you should use your own towel, wash basin and other things. In addition, you should have activities in a relatively independent space, not go to public places.
  • giles


    Actually pink eye is a viral or bacterial infection that is seriously contagious. It can spread by the way of direct or indirect contact. Direct spreading includes touching, coughing, sneezing or interactively rubbing from one eye to the unaffected eye. And indirect spreading includes sharing towels, swimming in contaminated pool water or touching dirty tissues. So you should be quite careful to keep away from those who caught pink eye. Besides, everyday hygiene should be paid much attention. Try not to swim in public swimming pools or stay in crowds for a long time.